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Top 10 Best Pool Table Brands

July 1, 2018

A pool table is an investment and while there is a variety of brands available not all of them are of the best quality. You may definitely be looking forward to narrow down your choices. So, here we are with the top 10 pool brands for you to consider.

Presidential Billiards

One of the top brands to consider is Presidential Billiards. They also have a company based in Zimbabwe thereby giving them access to wide range of wood types. Their pool tables are handcrafted by expert artisans and all resources used a renewable. Every style of table they manufacture is unique. Some of their types include – Tiffany, Kruger, Legend, Carmel, Black Diamond, Addison, Stellenbosch, Vegas, Madison, Hamilton, Haven, Kariba, King of Africa, Bristol etc. They use exotic woods like Oak, African Mahogany, Conifer, Maculata many more.


Another company that makes exceptional pool tables is Brunswick.  Needless to say they have experience in making pool tables for they have been around since 1967. Their designs are extraordinary and the artisans are exceptionally talented. Their creations are inimitable and every pool table has a charm of its own. They offer a range of different finishes – beachwod, nutmeg, plum, Tuscana, Espresso, Driftwood and many more. You can read some reviews here. Some pool table names include – Black Wolf, Tremont, Bayfield, Bridgeport, Centurion, Treviso, Park Falls, Merrimack, Brixton, De Soto, Birmingham, Mackenzie and others.

Leisure Select 

They have a superior collection of chic and classy pool tables. The company deals in outdoor and indoor furniture and are now dealing in pool tables too. Their collection is nothing less than amazing. The wood work is superb and every design is admirable. Be sure to get the best deal when you buy from Leisure Select. The materials used are of high quality and their construction is solid. Some of their tables include Quebec, Ontario, Nashville, Minnesota, Memphis and more.


The used uses solid hardwood for the construction of their tables. Nothing is glued just solid pieces of clean lumber carved as pool tables. Olhausen mostly use hard maple wood for the construction of their pool tables but they also build custom tables and use the choice of your wood and finish. Most of their woods are North American based. You can pick from West End, Breckenridge, Taos and Madison. Olhausen Billiards have been in existence since 2007 and manufacturing some of the finest pool tables ever since.

Diamond Billiards

The pool tables made from by this company has the experience of pool players who formed a company to create unique pool tables. The craftsmanship and quality of every table is of high standard. The refine their products on feedback from top players and the features of the pool tables are of international pool playing standards. They also offer accessories which vary from table covers to chair units. Their collection includes Tiffany, Professional, Smart Table, Paragon, Arkansas, Jubilee, Pro-am and Oppenheimer.

Imperial Billiards

They have been manufacturing pool tables for more than 40 years. Imperial Billiards is a small private company in US run by Vindici and DeFillippis. Both are also responsible for handcrafting each pool table and take help occasionally. They offer customized designs and the finishing of each table is of excellent quality. They mostly use oak to craft their master pieces. Some of their collection in pool table includes – Plainview, Davenport, Starlite, Lynnwood, Academy and many more.

Connelly Billiards

Connelly Billiards have been making pool tables for the past 70 years. They design pool tables to suit both new and experienced players. Their tables are made by hand and are guaranteed to please you in the pool game for life. They offer different sizes – 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and Pro. Their designs are distinct and the slate they offer is certified. All the materials used by Connelly to construct their pool tables are of premium quality. Their Competition Pro is one of their best pool tables that they have to offer. You have more to select from – Prescott, Scottsdale, Ventana, Kayenta, San Carlos, Del Sol, Del Mar, Competition Elite, Catalina and Cochise.


They offer budgeted pool tables yet they have a superior look. They can be customized as per your budget but the quality of these pool tables is high. They don’t use solid wood to manufacture these pool tables but they are definitely lasting. For someone who is looking forward to buying one for their playroom then there is no better a choice than a pool table from Mizerak.

Fat Cat

Another affordable brand that makes quality pool tables is Fat Cat. They offer a variety of sizes in the pool tables so you have the choice to pick one according to your playroom.The play surface of Mizerak pool tables is amazing and the flow of the ball is fantastic. The balls rebound wonderfully and the cloth of the pool table enables them to move flawlessly. Fat Cat pool tables are known for their quality and people have enjoyed playing pool over it for years. They use different types of wood and some of them are solid woods especially the rails of the tables. The tables are industry standard and is worth all your money invested in it.

Triangle Billiards

This is an old company that is well-experienced in making pool tables since 1978. Triangle Billiards deals in several other types of furniture and game tables. Pool tables are their speciality and each one of them is special and has a set of unique fetaures. They offer different styles and a solid body in the pool tables with storage drawer give it a classy look. The finish of the tables is neat and perfectly smooth. You can choose among Triangle Midnight, Triangle Chroma, Triangle Jersey, Triangle Eleanor, Triangle Van Buren, Triangle Dominator, Triangle Cornwall, Triangle Gettysburg, Triangle Jefferson and many more.

These are the top 10 pool table brands. There are several other brands that are available in the market but the ones listed above are of the finest quality and in high demand.

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